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SFK Systems Products



SFK Equipment Brochures

1A SFK General

1. Pork Slaughter Line Areas

SFK Pig Slaughter Line 150 Pigs/hour
SFK Automatic Pig Lairage
SFK Back Finning Photo
Bilfred Dehairing Machine
SFK - Captive Bolt Stunner
SFK - Co2 Stunning Back Loader
SFK Pig De-Hider Machine
SFK Whipping Machine
SFK Dynamic Scales
SFK Flame-Off Singer
SFK Gambrelling Table
SFK Pull Through Scalding Unit
SFK Vertical Scalding
SFK Shackling Device

2. Pork Robots for Slaughterline

No. 1 Robot - Throat Opening
SFK - Throat Opening Introduction
No. 2 Robot - Carcass Opener
SFK - Carcass Opener Introduction
No. 3 Robot - Evisceration
No. 4 Robot - Backfinning
No. 5 Robot - Splitting
SFK -  Splitting Saw Introduction

3. Primal Cutting

Chine Bone Saw - Water Hydraulic
Chine Bone Saw - Pneumatic
SFK - Primal Cutting Line
4. Dressing

SFK - Dressing Line Introduction
SFK - Dressing Line Conveyor Duoplan
SFK - Leaf Lard Loosener
SFK - Carcase Stamping Machine
SFK - Steam Carcase Cleaner
SFK - Steam Vacuum Suction - 1 & 2 in Colour
SFK - White & Red Offal Introduction Page
SFK - Evisceration Robot

5. Pork Deboning Areas

SFK Blade Bone Puller
SFK Neck Fillet Stuffer
SFK Pace Deboning Lines
SFK Rib Loosener
SFK Deboning Tables
SFK Tray Conveyor Detail

6. Pork Packing & Palletising Areas

SFK Bulk Packing Introduction
SFK Palletising Introduction
SFK Tray Buffer Storage Systems
Vario Vac Vacuum Machine - DI450
SFK Packing & Palletising

7. Yield Control - Scales & IT Areas

SFK Dynamic Scales
SFK Production Tracking Management Systems
SFK Shop Floor Data Capture System & Scales
Industrial Terminal Page 1

Industrial Terminal Page 2

8. Cleaning Instructions for SFK Equipment

SFK Equipment Cleaning Instructions

9. Bacon & Meat Presses

SFK Bacon & Meat Press Type 6-35
SFK Bacon Press Type 6
SFK New Bacon & Meat Press Type 16

10. Ham Massager Unit

SFK Massage Machine Hams

11. Neck Fillet Stuffer

SFK Neck Fillet Stuffer

12. Beef

SFK - Beef Bung Bagger (Safe Seal UK)
SFK - Captive Bolt Stunner
SFK - Beef Carcase Dagging Tool

13. Sheep

SFK - Pelt-O-Matic

14. Knife Sterilisers

SFK Knife Steriliser


Co2 Stunning Systems

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